General Description


 It contains Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide and EDTA. It is an alkaline detergent with cleansing properties that does not produce foam during use. This product is used for CIP and washing the internal surfaces of machines and devices .It will remove the organic matter on the internal surfaces of the devices


Hydroxide Sodium, Naniotic detergent , Anti corrosives , Complex materials and controller of the water hardness

Specialized Alkali CIP detergent in Diaries and Milking Machineries

For Alkali CIP of milking machineries , prepare 1.5% of AL-LF/CIP 1010 Percline and let to flow into the system for 15m  (60-70 ℃) and rinse after wash .

5 liter,  30 liter