AL-NF/COP 1231

Cleaner For external surfaces and equipment

General Description


It is an alkaline detergent with cleaning properties that does not produce foam during application. Formulation of this product is such that it removes fat from factory surfaces. It also removes the smell of production halls and is easily removed from the environment by rinsing. This product is designed to be used in the production processes of powder materials, dry milk and milk protein compounds, starch and cereal production plants, as well as dried product production halls that should have the least amount of moisture in the environment.


Phosphoric acid, Nitric acid, Anti-corrosive materials

  • To wash the floor and walls of production halls, enclosures and warehouses
  • To wash machines and machinery
  • To wash tanks
  • To wash types of extruders and dense liquid fillers

Dilute and use it as 3-100 of dilution depending on the degree of contamination.

5 liter containers