General Description   SayaSept HP is a disinfectant for all types of surfaces.  it is free of aldehyde, phenol, and halogens based on fifth generation quaternary ammonium compounds, and Biguanides . In addition to being a disinfectant, this product has a good cleaning property as well.   Active Ingredients Features and Benefits Direction of use […]

General Description   Septicidine is an antiseptic solution with fast and long-lasting antiseptic properties and is suitable for hand skin. Users do not need to wash their hands with soap anymore (that only reduces the apparent filth of hands). This product is made up of fragrance and non-fragrance essence. It is widely used due to […]

General Description   It is an alkaline Cleaner with cleaning properties that produces no foam when applied. The formulation of this product is such that it destroys organic  & biological residue in production lines, and it is easily removed from the environment after rinsing. This Cleaner is designed for CIP systems and is intended for […]