General Description

Percidine-%1 is a high-level disinfectant compound based on a stable compound of Hydrogen Peroxide and Acetic acid.  With its unique formulation, it is able to eliminate the broad spectrum of Microorganisms. Also antimicrobial resistance does not form against it and it retains its effectiveness on the textiles. This compound is able to eliminate the biofilm, which is one of the main sources of nosocomial infections.


Peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide

  • Affects a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Disinfects clothing, fabrics in industrial washing machines and laundry systems of hospitals
  • Completely economical and affordable
  • Can be used for a variety of fabrics, even colored ones
  • The best alternative to sodium hypochlorite (VITEX) it does not destroy the fabric fibers in the long run


For each liter of water, pour 5 cc of the solution into the automatic washing machine according to the instruction manual

5 liters cantainer