Percidine Aqua

Strong disinfecting based on Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver Ion

General Description


It is a strong disinfectant based on oxygenated water and silver ion and influence on a wide range of microorganisms. Aqua perisdine is used to disinfect the exterior surfaces, internal surfaces of machines and the process of atmospheric agitation and disinfection, and it does not contain toxic and unauthorized residues in food. This product requires to be diluted


Hydrogen Peroxide , Silver compounds

  • Strong disinfecting based on Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver Ion.
  • effective on wide range of viruses, bacteria & pathogens
  • The concentrated solution can be used for disinfecting the surfaces , space and water

This solution as dilution 1:200 and 1:100 can be used to disinfect the surfaces and equipment . This solution is effective on biofilms , Algae and pathogens

5 liter,  30 liter