Percidine- RU

High level Disinfectant and strong sterilizer for sensitive medical instruments

General Description


Percidine-RU is a ready to use sterilant and high-level disinfectant based on stabilized compounds of Peroxyacetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide. This product is designed and formulated for sterilization and high-level disinfection of critical and semi-critical medical and dental instruments. Surgical instruments and a variety of scopes which are resistant against oxidant agents can be disinfected by this product in room temperature.


Peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide

  • High-level disinfection using the powerful effect of Peracetic acid.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic for users
  • Destroys a wide range of microorganisms, including bacterial spores
  • Can be stored and reused for up to 14 days
  • Disinfects a variety of medical instruments and equipment, such as types of endoscopic systems.
  • High-level disinfection only in 5 minutes.
  • Gate Test and the instruction to evaluate active ingredient (Swap Test)

The main effective ingredient of Percidine-RU is Proxyacetic Acid which is considered as a one of the chemical sterilant. Proxy Acetic Acid breaks Sulfuryl (H-S) and sulfur (S-S) bonds in proteins and enzymes. Thus, the main component of cells and cell membranes are destroyed by oxidation activity. On the other hand, the proxy acetic acid reacts with molecules containing double bonds and disrupt the osmotic activity of the cytoplasmic membrane lipoprotein by tearing and destructing the cell wall and thus, causing distraction for cell activities. The free radicals produced by Proxyacetic Acid also can act against bacterial endospores.
Anaerobic Microorganisms due to nonexistence of catalase and superoxide dismutase are very sensitive toward Proxyacetic Acid.

5 kg containers