Educational contents

Application instructions

The correct use of disinfectants and disinfectants can make them effective and maintain the health of users and patients. Instructions for using products and educational posters are available in this section and can be downloaded and read.

Products catalog

In order to get familiar with the types of products in the various fields of infection prevention and control, including the ingredients, product features, scope of their effectiveness and their applications, you can refer to the product catalog.

Product Safety Information (MSDS)

Knowledge of the characteristics of the products before consumption can maintain the safety of users and patients and prevent damage to equipment, tools and the environment. Safety data sheets or MSDS can provide this information to consumers.

Accreditation posters

A series of educational posters in the field of infection control in hospitals and medical centers, including disinfection and disinfection protocols, preventive measures, infection prevention training, hand hygiene information and the correct use of aseptic products can be found in this section.

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