Percidine 5%

Strong disinfectant based on peracetic Acid

General Description

Strong detergent, Alkali with high foam

Removing the fats, texture and environment pollutants


per acetic Acid , Hydrogen Peroxide

with sterile ability , and removing all  microorganisms

Place of use Quantity Diluted solution Method
Surfaces(halls) disinfectant 1:400 250ccp/100l water Spray, sponge
Tools & equipment 1:200 0.5l/100l water Immersion
Entrance 1:400 50cc/20l water Mix to water
Feed before processing 1:1000-1:2000 0.5 or 1l/1 tone feed Spray & mix
Disinfecting water 1:20000 0.5l/10000l water Mix to water

Meats in ‎Slaughterhouse

1:250-1:350 300-400 cc/100l water Spray on carcass