General Description


Sepy Guard PAA is used pre-milking for disinfecting the breast  of livestock and effective solution for mastitis. This product is capable of destroying a wide range of bacteria, fungi and livestock pathogens such as streptococci, mycobacterium, and the like.


Proxy Acetic Acid , Hydrogen Peroxide , Acetic Acid

effective on wide range of viruses, bacteria & molds

Dilute the solution as 1:4 before use .The diluted solution  can be sprayed . Use 2/3 cup of the diluted solution for washing the nip of livestock .Don’t dry it  . SeptiGuard PAA can proved the highest disinfectant effect on time . Use Distilled water or the cooled boiled water to dilute the solution . Use the diluted solution as immersion and spraying methods

1liter , 5 liter