AL-NF/CIP 1011

Non-Foaming Alkaline Cleaner For internal surfaces of CIP

General Description


It is an alkaline Cleaner with cleaning properties that produces no foam when applied. The formulation of this product is such that it destroys organic  & biological residue in production lines, and it is easily removed from the environment after rinsing. This Cleaner is designed for CIP systems and is intended for use in drinking, dairy, starch and pharmaceutical factories as a good alternative to caustic soda.


Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium hydroxide

CIP Usage

  • Internal surfaces of production line machines
  • Transmitter Pipes in production lines

For Alkali CIP of milking machineries , prepare 1.5% of AL-LF/CIP 1011 Percline and let to flow into the system for 15m  (60-70 ℃) and rinse after wash .

5 liter,  30 liter