We have these independent strategic business centers in these markets, in which marketing and sales products and policies In each of these centers, they are managed and monitored separately, but integrated

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Medical & Dental

From years until now, hospital infections are one of the most important ...

Medical & Dental

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The production of disinfectant and antiseptic agents/products for veterinary ...


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Industrial Applications

The specialized products of the food industry are produced and supplied ...

Industrial Applications

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Public usage

Household water and cleaners are good washers and cleaners for different ...

Public usage


We made of many individual brands, each serving customers in different ways—but all with a focus on making peoples’ lives healthier.


Domestic Medical Market


Domestic Industrial & Veterinary Market


Domestic Public Health Market


Domestic Industrial & Veterinary Market


Our products have many uses, and make effective protection from the skin of the hand and body and all the sensitive points of the call as best they can.

  • 1 Hand & Skin
  • 2 surfaces
  • 3 Medical & dental instruments
  • 4 Hemodialysis machine
  • 5 Laundry
  • 6 Ladies
  • 7 Accessories
  • 8 Cleaners
  • 9 Biosecurity in Aquaculture
  • 10 Biosecurity in Poultries
  • 11 Biosecurity in Farms
  • 12 Food Industries Disinfectants
1 Hand & Skin
Our hands represent the biggest source of infection, thus hand hygiene is mandatory measure to prevent of diseases.
2 surfaces
Thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces are the best strategy for fighting back against the pathogens that threaten us.
3 Medical & dental instruments
Semi-critical and critical equipment require high level disinfection or sterilization
4 Hemodialysis machine
Fresenius Medical Care formulates and manufactures a range of products for the disinfection, cleaning and descaling of dialysis systems to help ensure patient safety is maintained to the highest standards.
5 Laundry
Our commercial laundry products help you achieve the highest quality results for all types of linen
6 Ladies
Attention to women's health plays an important role in the health of the family and society
7 Accessories
Accessories for The easier use of disinfectants
8 Cleaners
Washing surfaces with specialized detergents will increase the impact of disinfectant use several times.
9 Biosecurity in Aquaculture
Biosecurity in aquaculture consists of practices that minimize the risk of introducing an infectious disease and spreading it to the animals at a facility and the risk that diseased animals or infectious agents will leave a facility and spread to other sites and to other susceptible species
10 Biosecurity in Poultries
Biosecurity practices and farm hygiene are implemented on poultry farms to reduce the risk of disease agents moving on to farms from outside sources
11 Biosecurity in Farms
Farm biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect a property from the entry and spread of pests and diseases
12 Food Industries Disinfectants
A full range of products dedicated to hygiene in food processing industries such as Dairy, meet, beverage, vegetabels,… industries

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Important event in BEHBAN Holdings


As per your information of our latest technologies We are Honored to cordially welcome you at the International Congress of Medical Devices and Materials in Field of INFECTION CONTROL & STERILIZATION January 14 – 15 , 2019 – Razi Intl. Conference Center, Tehran, Iran  

4th International and 6th National Congres ...

Behban Shimi Pharmaceutical co As per your information of their latest technologies 4th International and 6th National Congress of WOUND AND TISSUE REPAIR November 19 – 22 , 2019 – Razi Intl. Conference Center , Tehran , Iran

18th International Exhibition of Poultry ...

We would have great honour to welcome you our stand in 18th International Exhibition of Poultry, livestock, and Related Industries Tehran International Permanent Fairground Milad Hall, August 15 – 18, 2019 10:00 – 18:00   

Organizational strategies

These are the main strategies for achieving our goals and achieving our corporate vision.

Knowledge-based investment

Contributing a pivotal role in scientific and macro leadership to accurately identify customers’ needs and providing the best solutions to eliminate them.

Attention to national production

Playing the central role in national production with the policymaking and leadership of using the technology of the day in order to achieve the self-sufficiency goal of the country.

Regional and global development

Establishing international structures to facilitate export and trade and finding international partners in related fields and obtaining international financial credibility.